Switched On London

SwitchedOnLondon.org.uk was a big group supported by community groups, grassroots movements, NGOs, and trade unions. Their goal was to convince the Greater London Authority (GLA) and the councils in London to start a new energy company owned by the public.

They wanted to offer a different option to the big energy companies by aiming to lower energy bills and reduce carbon emissions through public ownership. They planned to do this with the help of the local community and by using democratic ways, such as having elected members on their boards and holding local community meetings.

They criticized the current privately owned energy system for making bills too high, not making customers happy, and making more people struggle to pay their energy bills in London. They compared this to other places where public investment in green energy has worked well.

They believed that if the public owned the energy company, it would focus more on what’s best for the public rather than making money. They suggested that energy services run by local councils could offer better deals and cost less.

Switched On London wanted to pay for this new energy company by using money from the GLA, which currently invests in fossil fuels, and by selling municipal bonds.

They wanted London’s energy to come mostly from renewable sources like wind, solar, and geothermal power, aiming for a future where all energy is clean.

The plan also included ways to make energy bills cheaper and reduce carbon emissions by using less gas and more green technologies, which they believed would save money in the long run.

Leading up to the 2016 London Mayoral Elections, Switched On London planned to run an extensive campaign that included community meetings, talking to the public, and creative protests to get support and suggestions from people in London.

They encouraged people who supported their ideas to sign their petition and help in different ways to make their vision of a community-controlled energy future a reality.

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