Octopus Energy Refer a Friend (2024)

Switching to an environmentally conscious energy provider like Octopus Energy can be even more rewarding if you take advantage of their refer-a-friend scheme and get £50 when you switch.

If you’re already a customer, by sharing a unique refer a friend code with friends and family, you and the person you refer can also receive £100 to share between you.

Not only does the refer-a-friend scheme benefit you, but it also supports Octopus Energy’s mission of providing sustainable energy by expanding its customer base through personal recommendations.

Understanding the Octopus Energy Refer a Friend Programme

The Octopus Energy Refer a Friend Programme is a rewarding way to save on your energy bills while helping friends benefit. Here’s how it works and what you stand to gain from it:

What is the Refer a Friend Programme?

The Refer a Friend Programme by Octopus Energy is designed to reward both existing customers (the referrer) and new customers (the referred friend) when a successful referral is made.

As a customer of Octopus Energy, you receive a unique refer-a-friend code or link, which you can share with friends. For example: bold-lion-941

When your friend signs up for Octopus Energy services using your refer a friend code, both parties are credited with a refer a friend bonus; currently, this is £50 each.

Benefits for Referrer and Referred Friends

  • For the Referrer:
    • You’ll receive a referral credit on your energy bill.
    • The satisfaction of sharing a reliable energy service with friends.
    • Opportunity to earn more rewards for each successful referral.
  • For the Referred Friend:
    • They also get a referral credit upon sign-up.
    • Access to sustainable and potentially cost-saving energy solutions.
    • The chance to continue the cycle by referring other friends and earning their own referral bonuses.

Each successful referral enriches your experience with Octopus Energy, as it not only lowers your energy costs but also fosters a community-centric approach to energy saving and sustainability.

A woman looking at a computer screen, about to switch energy suppliers and planning to use an Octopus Energy Refer a friend code

How to Get Your Octopus Energy Refer a friend code

If you’re keen to save on your energy bills and share the benefits with your friends, getting and using an Octopus Energy refer a friend code is straightforward.

Where to Find Your Unique Refer a friend Link

Your unique Octopus Energy refer a friend link is the key to earning rewards by referring friends.

Once you’re an existing customer, you’ll find this link in your online account portal. Here’s how:

  • Log in to your Octopus Energy account.
  • Navigate to the ‘Refer a Friend’ section.
  • Here, your unique refer a friend link will be displayed.

Remember, this link is specific to you and can be shared directly with friends and family or through social media if you wish to earn referral credits.

Using a refer a friend link as a new customer

If you’re new to Octopus Energy and have been referred by a friend, switching to Octopus to benefit from a referral is easy:

  1. Visit the Octopus Energy website using a refer a friend link.
  2. Begin the sign-up process.
  3. When prompted, enter the refer a friend code that you’ve received.

Alternatively, if you’ve already signed up but didn’t enter a refer a friend code, you can still add it by:

  • Contacting customer service and provide them with the refer a friend code.
  • Adding it to the refer a friend section of your account

Remember to double-check for any special requirements or steps to ensure you successfully receive the referral benefit.

How to Share Your Refer a Friend Code Effectively

Sharing your Octopus Energy refer a friend code can be easy and effective when approached with a plan. Using the right platforms and methods can greatly increase your chances of successful referrals!

Social Media Platforms

Facebook: Craft a post that highlights the benefits of switching to Octopus Energy and include your refer a friend link.

Make sure to personalise the message to your friends and family. Consider timing your post to coincide with peak usage times to maximise visibility.

  • Create an Event or Group: Organise an event or create a group dedicated to energy saving, where you can share your refer a friend link.
  • Messenger: Send a personal message to close friends who might be interested in switching their energy provider.

Twitter/X: Compose a tweet that captures the immediate benefits of using your refer a friend code, such as the reward both you and your friend will get.

Use relevant hashtags to increase the reach of your tweet beyond your followers.

  • Retweet with Comment: When Octopus Energy posts about discounts or clean energy, add a comment with your refer a friend code.
  • Use Direct Messages: For a more personal approach, send direct messages to people who show an interest in green energy or money-saving tips.

Beyond Social Media: Alternative Sharing Methods

Email: Send a tailored email to contacts who may not frequently use social media.

A well-written email explaining how Octopus Energy can benefit them and how they can use your refer a friend code can be quite persuasive.

  • Subject Line: Choose a subject line that is both informative and attention-grabbing, like “Switch to Octopus Energy and earn a £50 credit!”.

Refer a friend Link: Place your refer a friend link in a signature block or within an email newsletter if you happen to run one. This can repeatedly expose your contacts to the opportunity in an unobtrusive manner.

Online Communities and Forums: Look for online communities that focus on energy conservation, sustainable living, or financial savings, and participate in discussions.

Ensure you follow the community rules about sharing refer a freind links to avoid spamming.

Remember, effective sharing is about matching the message to the audience.

Tailor how you share to what would appeal most to the person you’re reaching out to. Keep your messages clear and informative, outlining the benefits to them.

It can be as simple as helping a friend save money on their energy bill or introducing them to a greener energy option.

Redeeming and Using Refer a Friend Rewards

When you refer someone and they sign up to Octopus Energy using your link, you’ll both receive a refer a friend credit of £50 (£100 split between you).

This credit normally appears in your account approximately four weeks after the new member’s supply start date.

It’s important to note that these rewards come with specific conditions. For instance, the credit may be added as a balance in your energy account rather than as cash you can withdraw.

Learn how to check if you’ve received your refer a friend credit by checking your balance history.

Managing Rewards through the Octopus Energy App

For a convenient way to manage your rewards, use the Octopus Energy app.

Here, you can easily view your balance history, track pending credits, and see the total amount you’ve earned from referrals.

If you have a smart pre-pay meter, you can also contact energy specialists to add the refer a friend credit directly.

They will assist you with any issues related to adding the refer a friend credit to your meter.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled some of the most relevant questions to guide you through the referral process below:

How can I refer a friend to Octopus Energy and what are the benefits?

When you refer a friend to Octopus Energy, both you and your friend can get credit added to your accounts.

You can refer friends by sharing your unique refer a friend link, which they will use when signing up.

After your friend’s switch is complete and their first payment has been made, both of you typically receive a refer a friend credit. For exact benefits, check the Octopus Energy refer a friend links post on their blog.

What are the current terms and conditions for the Octopus Energy refer a friend programme?

The refer a friend programme terms include that your friend must sign up using your refer a friend link and the credit is added once they’ve made their first payment.

The specifics can change, so it’s best to check the latest terms on their website.

How do I get a refer a friend code to share with friends for Octopus Energy?

To get your refer a friend code, you need to be an Octopus Energy customer.

Once you have an account, find your unique refer a friend link on your online dashboard. You can share this link with friends directly. For more details, visit Octopus Energy’s FAQs.

What incentives does Octopus Energy offer for referring new customers?

Octopus Energy provides monetary incentives through account credits.

Both you and the person you refer generally get a lump sum credited to your accounts after they join and complete their first payment.

The amount can vary, sometimes with special promotions increasing the refer a friend bonus. Keep an eye on their website for current offers.

What should I do to use my Octopus Energy unique code when moving into a new home?

If your new home is already supplied by Octopus Energy, register your account and talk to customer service about using a refer a friend code.

If you encounter issues with entering the code online, Octopus Energy’s customer team can help. Sometimes, you can also find assistance on forums where others have had similar experiences. For specific guidance, read discussions on the MoneySavingExpert forum.

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