Who are Octopus Energy?

Octopus Energy is a UK-based energy supplier launched in 2015 that’s shaking up the market with its commitment to green energy and excellent customer care. They’re a major player in the industry, with nearly 6 million people using their services. What makes them stand out is their dedication to supplying electricity that comes entirely from renewable sources.

They achieve this by purchasing energy from renewable generators across the UK, including solar, wind, and hydro sources. Essentially, for every unit of electricity their customers use, Octopus ensures a unit of renewable electricity is put into the grid.

Additionally, they support the growth of renewable energy by investing in the development of new renewable energy sites and technologies. This could include funding new wind farms or solar power projects, or innovative technologies that could change the way energy is generated or stored in the future.

Octopus also offers a tariff called the ‘Outgoing Octopus’, which buys excess energy from customers who generate their own electricity, for instance through solar panels installed on their homes. This helps to increase the proportion of green energy in the grid and encourages the decentralisation of energy production, which can be beneficial for the environment and energy resilience.

They’ve made a name for themselves with their clever pricing plans. One of these encourages people to use electricity when it’s less in demand, like during the night. This not only helps the environment by spreading out energy use but also can save money for those who can shift when they use their power.

When it comes to customer service, Octopus Energy has set high standards. They’ve won awards for making sure their prices are fair and that their bills are clear and simple to understand. In a sector where customers often feel confused by complicated bills, this approach has won them a lot of praise.

Octopus isn’t just focused on the UK; they have bigger ambitions. The Octopus Energy Group is their way of taking on the global challenge of reducing energy costs. This part of their business is all about supporting the use of renewable energy around the world and coming up with new ideas to make energy cheaper and greener for everyone.

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